Advanced Nutrients Overdrive 5 l


Advanced Nutrients Overdrive supports healthy flower development and restores flowering in the late stage.

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After the peak flowering phase, plants transition into the late flowering phase (its precise timing and duration depend on the variety of plant you are growing). At that time, most growers do not expect any further flower development. Instead of accepting that, you can get even more from your plants during the final phase with the use of Overdrive. By using Overdrive, you give your crops a second wind.

Flowers will gain greater weight and density by filling their structure with additional essential oils – long past the point where late flowering typically shows signs of slowing down. As a result, you will have much higher yields on harvest day. And with additional essential oils come better flavors, aromas, and colors, not to mention protection against oxidative stress thanks to a strong antioxidant: ascorbic acid.

Apply Overdrive to your garden today and get more from the final weeks of flowering.

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