Atami B´Cuzz Coco A+B 5 l


Two-part plant fertilizer for coco coir substrate.

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Product Description

Coconut substrates are still very popular as a growing medium. It is not surprising, because coconut has the properties of soil and mineral wool. This combination ensures good growth and flowering of plants. Coco fertilizer A + B helps plants to better utilize coconut and also ensures the biological stability of coconut substrate.

This fertilizer is used by simultaneously dissolving in water and mixing together B’cuzz Coco A & B. Use room temperature water (21°C) for best results.

Growing Tip
In addition to Coco fertilizer A & B, we recommend using biostimulants.

Quality Guarantee
Atami stimulators and liquid nutrition are sealed under a screw cap in a light-permeable package, ensuring the preservation of quality.

Available Sizes:
– 1 liter
– 5 liters
– 10 liters

1 to 3 ml A and 1 to 3 ml B per liter of water.

pH between 5.5 – 5.8
EC value between 1.0 – 2.5

Coco fertilizer A 6-0-6 (w/v).
Coco fertilizer B 1-5-6 (w/v).

Coco Nutrition A
For use only in combination with B’cuzz Nutrition B.

Coco Nutrition B
For use only in combination with B’cuzz Nutrition A.

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