AutoPot Airbase – Round


AirBase Square fits into our 25 l (1Pot XL) and 20 l Flexipot textile flower pots.

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Add a spring to your plants with AirBase. This practical board is inserted into the bottom of the flowerpot when planting, allowing you to avoid using a pebble layer for drainage. While preparing, balancing pH, and using pebbles can be simple, inexpensive, and effective, it can be challenging. Instead, simply insert AirBase and you’re ready to go. This essential accessory even comes with a retractable center piece, allowing for easy, optional integration with AirDome.

AirBase Round fits into our FlexiPot (20 l) and 1Pot XL (25 l) flowerpots. Beautifully intuitive and effective, the AirBase innovation is made of durable ABS plastic, making it highly resistant and therefore usable to a large extent.

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