AutoPot Aquaplate Square Kit


The AQUAplate kit contains everything you need to convert your existing AutoPot system for hydroponic growing. The AQUAplate Square fits into 1Pot and easy2grow reservoirs.

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The packaging contains:

  • 1x AQUAplate Square
  • 5x mesh pots
  • 5x neoprene collars
  • 5x foam pads
  • 1x square PotSock container

The product does not include a tank or an Autopot tray.

The AQUAplate set is assembled in a few minutes and easily inserted into the AutoPot reservoir. This seamless integration saves time, costs, and allows for growing in our proven watering system.

  • Substrate-free cultivation
  • Provide plants with direct access to nutrient-rich water
  • Support faster and stronger root development
  • Includes everything you need to adapt your existing AutoPot watering system for growing with the AQUAplate
  • AQUAplate simply drops into the AutoPot reservoir.


  • We recommend a target water temperature of 64-68 °F / 18-20 °C.
  • Plants grown without substrate require lower nutrient doses. Start with half the dose and gradually increase it.
  • For even faster growth, add an air stone to the reservoir!

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