Biobizz Bio Heaven 5 l


BioHeaven improves nutrient uptake in fertilizer blends, it is a natural booster that enhances the effectiveness of basic fertilizers.

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BioHeaven improves nutrient transfer in fertilizer mixes, it is a natural booster that enhances the effectiveness of basic fertilizers. It strengthens the plant’s antioxidant system, improves the breakdown of toxins in the plant during stressful periods, and increases chlorophyll production.
Bio-Heaven can be applied throughout the plant’s life cycle, in any substrate, coco, or hydroponics.

Contains biological stimulants, such as amino acids.

L – amino acids used by BioBizz for BioHeaven are extracts from soybeans and other organic protein sources such as enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation.

This component, in combination with other operative substances in BioHeaven, extremely increases the amount of minerals in the soil. The standard percentage of mineral absorption is around 5 – 10%.The preparation BioHeaven can increase the percentage of mineral absorption up to 95%.

For all SOIL, HYDROPONIC, and AEROPONIC systems!

Guaranteed ingredients:
Nitrogen (N) – 0.91%; Phosphorus (P) – 0.18%; Potassium (K) – 0.24%; Calcium (Ca) – 0.28%; Magnesium 0.20%; Iron (Fe) – 0.017%; Manganese (Mn)– 0.001%; Zinc (Zn) -0.002%; Boron (B) -0.018%; Copper (Cu)-0.0001%; Molybdenum (Mo) – 0.0001%

2 – 5 ml per liter of water. Use with every watering, water as usual. Discontinue use two weeks before harvest.

Shake well before use
Apply as directed
Keep out of reach of children
Storage: in darkness and coolness


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